Daughter of the Sea

What can I tell ya?  This one came from a dream.  I got up one morning and there it was like a present. I wish I could remember all my dreams.

Daughter of the Sea


C.M. Marcum

Seafrome selected the clear vial with the thick green gelatinous fluid.  She wrapped a suction cup around the slender neck of the bottle and brought it close to her left eye.  The white spermatozoa were so tiny that they were hard to see, but they did appear to be very energetic, and they sparkled like bits of slow moving lightening.

Her right eye swiveled, quietly and slowly, to the back of her head.  The Sperm- Mart clerk was busy trying to impress her father with a bit of aphrodisiac powder.

She vibrated the bottle with a flip of her arm, and the luminous white sperm danced to life.  Squiggling this way and that way, the white sperm would bump into each other, engage in a brief battle, and then swim stubbornly against the thick fluid, pushing through it with frenzied agitation.  She liked them.  The way that they struggled was exciting, and they looked like opals with long tails.

It was against the rules to shake the bottles; the sign on the shelf warned against such testing, but she had already decided against her father’s wishes.  Her father would be horrified to find her in this section of the store.  The experimental section, housing dangerous subspecies, had no guarantees.

With her right eye on her father and her left eye on the vial she pulled the cap off and tucked the tiny vial deep into her mantel.  She lifted the directions tab and slipped it into her sac.  She would need the information later, when her babies were born.

Her father’s voice tapered off, and he began to turn.

Seafrome slithered down the end of the aisle and up the next, landing in the Amphibian section.  The advertisement at the top of the aisle displayed a fat, slimy frog nailed to the sign.

Her father ogled her with suspicion etched across his green face, but she only pretended to read the pamphlet on Aquatic Amphibians.  He slithered up beside her, placed one of his eight arms around her neck, and extended his eyeball over her shoulder.

His thick copper musk muted her senses.

‘Ah, good.  Aquatic Amphibians,’ he said.  ‘That sounds delicious.  Are you planning on stocking your father’s pantry?’

‘Would you like that?’ she asked.  ‘Would you like to eat my babies?’

‘Of course,’ he said.  ‘But it’s almost too good to be true.  Can it be?  Your rebellious nature has finally subsided?  All those lye baths must have done some good.’

Seafrome shuttered, remembering the terrible pain of the lye on her skin, and remembering how her mother had died in the deep end of the Pool of Purity.  It was an odd name, she thought, for a bath of torture.

Her mother, weak and old, had chosen to die in the Pool of Purity, where disobedient females were sent, until they agreed to obey the alpha male of their family.

She had chosen revenge.

She looked down at the long streaks of scars that lined her arms and the frayed lips of her suction cups, and she knew that her spirit would have never risen to such a lofty goal as revenge, without them.  It was in the lye baths that she had finally realized that her father did not love her, could not lover her, or any female.  He only meant to use her.  He would like nothing better than to abandon her on an alien planet, so that she could give birth to tiny frogs that he could swoop down and eat at his leisure.

‘Shall we buy the Aquatic Amphibians?’ he asked.

‘Yes,’ she said and bowed her head low.

‘With such tasty off spring, I’ll be coming to visit your new planet, long before I visit any of your sisters.’

‘Please, do,’ she said and smiled.  ‘I will teach my children to leap into your lap.’

‘That’s a good girl,’ he said.

Seafrome wrapped two of her arms around the sturdy rocks at the lip of the ocean.  The salty waves massage her pregnant belly, and the buoyancy of the water eased her burden.

With a contented sigh, she blew out her breath, and the water foamed with bubbles.  She pulled the vial of Aquatic Amphibian eggs out of her sac and tossed it toward the dark boulders that were encrusted with starfish.  The bottle arched high, tumbling lip over end, and crashed against the jutting stone with a sharp crack of glass.  The ugly frog eggs, with their black-eyed centers, dripped slowly down the stone, and it wasn’t long before the starfish discovered them.

Her new planet was warmed by a yellow sun and angry spurts of lava from a continent on the other side of the world.   The land was covered with giant Maidenhair trees, and scrumptious ginko ferns grew everywhere.  Her favorite place was the blue ocean and she especially liked the crunchy craps that seemed to be just as happy in the water as they were on the land.

It was good home, after all.  She had been afraid that it wouldn’t be.  Her father was not one to step out of his way for her comfort.  But now that she was here, she could see that it suited her just fine, and her oxygen-breathing babies would do well on the land.

After her babies were born, she would adapt herself to the Sea.  She had decided to name her favorite place after herself.   She pulled the directions tab that she had stolen from the Sperm Mart out of her sac and read it again, for the seventeen hundred time.

WARNING:  Dangerous sperm.  NOT tested in the laboratory.  This sperm produces terrestrial bipeds with above average intelligence and innate interest in weaponry.  These oxygen breathing carnivores have anti-social behavior and large teeth.  Mammalian with hunter characteristics.    Female of this species is prolific and unpredictable.   High risk pregnancy.  SURGEON GENERALS WARNING:  Only battleship approach to planets infested with this species is advised.

Seafrome smiled.  Her father was going to get a real surprise when he came to visit his grandchildren.  If things worked out like they did in her dreams, her babies would be eating him.


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