Computer Wizards

Computer Wizards


C.M. Marcum

Jose walked into the bar.

“ Jose,” Ralph called.  “How’s it hanging?”

“Long and to the left,” Jose said.  “I just finished a roof job.  Made 2500 ticks.”

“Human or Wizzer?” Ralph asked.

“Wizzers are humans.”

“Says you,” Ralph said.  “I did a roof for a Wizzer.  Threw a tarp over the hole.  Got 3500 ticks.”

“You shouldn’t take advantage.”

Ralph shrugged.

“I don’t work for Wizzers,” Jose said, standing up.

“Be careful,” Ralph called.  “Wizzers are soaking up solar rays.”

Jose stepped into the sunshine.  He was immediately surrounded by five naked Wizzers.  Bluetooth and GPS systems covered their eyes and ears.  They wore solar hats, and wires dangled from bald scalps to CPU backpacks.

“Submit job bid,” one of them said, bumping into him.  A keypad had been implanted into his hand.

Repulsed, Jose backed away.  “Never touch the stuff,” he said and spat on the Wizzer’s foot.

This bit of flash fiction actually got accepted by way back in February 2009, which surprised me.  I don’t fancy it as one of my best pieces.  I often wonder if I can judge my on writing.


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