Phrases & Commas: Yes & No

Yes to Parenthetical Phrases: Translation = Bonus material.

  1. The ghoul, all slimy and green, ate Bob.
  2. All pretty and perfect, she winked at me.

These sentence makes perfect sense even without the ‘all-slimy-and-green’  and ‘all pretty and perfect,’ ergo it is bonus material and commas are needed.

*****Note: Writing Mistake/Embarrassing mistake:  Inserting one comma and not the other, as in:  The ghoul, all slimy and green ate Bob. *************

No comma in Restrictive Phrases: Translation =  Absolutely Essential Clauses

  1. The people running too slow got eaten.
  2. People who live in glass house should not throw stones.

The phrase ‘running too slow’ specifies which people got 86’d, ergo the clause has NO COMMAS.  ‘…who live in glass house…’ specifies which people, for surely not all people should not throw stones.  People running from lions should throw stones.  Whahah.

Tip:  The word ‘THAT’  always begins a restrictive, ergo NO COMMA.

I knew that I would get away.


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