Paper Pushers

In 2012 the paper pushers ruled the world.  They had typed their way to power in the world’s first bloodless battle, but it was a bittersweet victory.  Their web of control was a secret thing.  The supreme rulers world had to hide behind their computer banks in the thankless void of anonymity.

The last great battle had been fought over paper money.  It had been extremely difficult to lure the people away from paper money to computer credits, but Kind Nerd finally won.  Now, no one could buy or sell without recording the transaction, and the last of the rebels had finally been subdued.  Their DNA had been coded into the mainframe, and the malcontents were easy to track and arrest.  They could not eat, work, or even rest without leaving a trail of computer links.

It was a strange world, where bureaucrats were more important than artisans, and symtechs were more important than entrepreneurs.  It was a world held in impotent stagnation, but it was a neat and tidy world with Power Point graphs and uniform spreadsheets.  If a group became unruly it was easy to starve them out—a classic military maneuver.

The king of the computers sat behind his desk and drummed his fingers on his mouse pad.  He was an ex-hippie, ex-yuppie, and ex-humanitarian.  Utopia was at his fingertips.

“Gladys,” he called.  “Haiti is giving me trouble, again.  They’re always late with their TR-47.  Reroute all food goods and put a virus on fuel supplies to all ships in port.”

“There’s a 747 already in route,” Gladys said.

“Well, transmit a virus to the plane’s computer.  Bring the damned thing down.  Do I have to do everything myself?”

The End


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