Into the Muck

Hey, I hear President Obama is upset because his schedule had been disrupted by the Gulf oil spill.  Let’s give him a big ‘Awww, sorry Prez.’

The President has his head buried so deep into the paper world that he doesn’t realize the real world is crumbling beneath his feet.

Tony Hayward’s yachting; Obama is golfing.  Hey, I’d like to go on vacation, too, but these two guys have destroyed my playground.

If Tony Hayward was born in America, he’s subject to American law.  Although, I wish he was subject to Chinese law.  Remember what they did with that guy who messed up the dog food?  Ax, baby, ax.

I get really angry when politicians and newscasters refer to the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico as, “Down there.  Oh, those poor people down there.” It’s like they’re trying to separate themselves from the South.

What if:  After 911 the South had said, “Oh, up there.  Those poor folks up there.  Tsk-Tsk.  But we can’t get too upset about that.  Hell, New York is practically in Canada.”

And now I hear that the Governors of Mississippi and Louisiana want the oil rigs re-opened.  Ain’t that like the cancer patient asking for a cigarette?  Hey, dudes, if you were real leaders you would have already led your States into some plants that build solar power panels.   Why don’t you call up the Governor of California for some pointers?


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