Nanny Government turns Nanny Insurance

My health insurance company sent me a letter today.  In it they said that they had informed my doctor that I am not taking my high blood pressure medicine.

Ooh, I’m really scared now.  Yipes, tell my doc.  Whatever will I do?

What my insurance company doesn’t know is this:  I don’t want to go down the pill popping road.  I bought a treadmill, dropped 10 pounds, increased OJ, decreased salt, started drinking hibiscus tea (Nasty stuff that, even with honey), and I’ve donated blood to the American Red Cross.

After 3 months my BP has dropped (avg) 20 points on both ends.  Thank you very much.


I sent my insurance company this letter:

Dear Rat Fink,

Oh yeah?  Well, I called your mother on the phone.  I told her that you walk around with poop in your pants,  you pick your nose in public, you stink, and no body likes you cause you’re a nerdy little tattle-tale.   Bleah!

Sincerely yours,



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