Home Depot

Hey, I had a weird thing happen today.  My husband and I went to Home Depot.  We wanted to buy a new washing machine @ zero interest for 6 months.

The clerk said, “No, you can’t open a  joint account.  You husband can open an account in his name, and then he has to go back home and telephone Headquarters.  You go through all the tele-a-prompts, wait for a human being to answer.  Then he has to request that your name be added to the account.”

“But that’s ridiculous,” I said.  “He’s standing right here.  I’m standing right here, alive, in-person and I got I.D.”

“Sorry,” she said.

“Yeah?  Well, me too.  Just forget it.” I said and walked away.

Home Depot must be doing pretty good if they can be so persnickety with good credit customers!  Humph!  ‘Sides, they ain’t the only store in town that sells washing machines.


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