Political Commentary

Oh, yeah!In the city across the river, some Parks and Recreation officials are in serious trouble for misappropriating some city funds.  I figure, the whole mess is a simple matter of semantics.  They thought recreation meant their own recreation and playtime.

Take the money and run, dawg!  You forgot the run part.


2 thoughts on “Political Commentary

  1. I heard about a case in that happened Australia about 10 or 12 years ago. Some coastguard officials were found to have ordered ground to air missiles and were prosecuted because investigators figured they were going to sell them to some terrorist group or other. Apparently their defence was that part of their job was keeping seagulls away from ‘sensitive’ locations (I can’t remember what made them ‘sensitive’) and they’d got bored firing shotguns into the air… Not sure quite how this relates to your post, except it just made me remember the news story.

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