Online Groups

I have officially been a member of five different writing groups; I’ve perused a hundred more, and I have only one declaration:  I don’t get it!

Only two times before in my life have I been so utterly beaten and confused.  The first time, I took a college course in shorthand.  The second time, I bought one of those closet organizer thingys.

So now, I have to admit:  squiggly lines mean nothing to me; I’d rather work with wood and, try as hard as I might to fake it, even my internet personality is a bohemian.  Now that I think about it in those terms, I’m not surprised.  Whahah!


2 thoughts on “Online Groups

  1. Beaten? Confused? You don’t say whether or not you were beaten because of the comments???

    People on most writing websites don’t know Jack! (Jacques Merde, I mean) They might not have anything on their minds, but a hat. Most people don’t want criticism. They want to gather about them a bunch of sycophants who will say “Wow! Your writing is so good!” You have to believe in the quality of what you do, and do not seek approbation from others. If writing websites wanted to really ramp it up, they would NOT allow any postings except through administrators. We will post what WE feel is quality work. No comments, either. Who cares about getting criticism from “the great unwashed”?? Then a writing website would be just like a publisher of printed books. (Oh, I almost forgot…is you want to become famous as a writer?? Fake your own death–then you’ll be at least as famous as Elvis or Michael Jackson!)

  2. Me?? Beaten by a comment?? Tsk, tsk, my friend. You know me better than that.
    I am beaten and confused by the purpose of a writing site. I don’t understand the game.

    I want to ride the rapids, light fires, drag race down the forum. I want to rip stories apart and put them back together again, and then I want someone else to tell me what I did wrong. Hey, I am a bohemian. I’m a savage at a tea party.

    I don’t think I agree with your idea of a writing site—too much like an E-magazine,and comments are the life’s blood of a good writing site. Contrary to popular opinion.

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