Record history

Prophesy the future

Rage against injustice

Mirror humanity

Offer romance

Trill us with monsters

Host flights of fancy

Elicit chuckles

Teach our children

Guide us through our work

And we won’t even talk about the authors of the Bible, who, by the way, were not any of the Apostles.  Some of them risked their lives, and their names have vanished from history.

In the cosmic sense, no group of people influence the world more than writers, and since most of the them will never achieve fame or fortune—while still alive—I consider writers to be the most noble of all humans…CM


3 thoughts on “Writers

  1. Awesome Post !!!

    Could also be a list of future blog topics 🙂

    Very profound writing in honor of writers…

    What you say is So True that many people would doubt it…

    The clouds of materialism hide the rays of light from the writers Gifts………

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