Writer’s Trifecta

Writer’s Trifecta

  1. Natural talent.
  2. A good understanding of grammar, structure and words.   
  3. At least, one friend/mentor’s advice.

Writer’s Tripwire:

  1. Laziness.
  2. Ego.
  3. Friends who coo general, watery praises; critics who launch general, toxic barbs.

6 thoughts on “Writer’s Trifecta

  1. I think your ideas are good. However, if writers didn’t have egos in the first place, they might never write. An ego might be a necessity. An excessively large one (?) might be a hazard…

  2. I could have predicted that Doug O would say that. However, I had in mind, those people who can not tolerate any criticism; and, whahah, we know a few. ‘May my ego never get that large, amen.’

    BTW: Good to talk to you again.

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  4. Hello! I really like this post, it sounds like good advice to me! I meant to say earlier – I’ve posted it my blog! Hope that’s okay. If not, let me know!


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