Blogging on WP

Aha! New reason to punch the LIKE button.  I just discovered that I can go to:


My Subscriptions

Subscription Tabs

Post I like

That way I can track them before I actually subscribe or get a feed. Whereas, if I just leave a comment, I can’t always find them again.  Computer technology–awesome.  As you can tell, I’m a little slow on the uptake.   🙂  Makes sense.  Liking someone is the first step.

But why is that you always find the answer to one problem, when you’re actually looking for the answer to something else?????


3 thoughts on “Blogging on WP

  1. You know what else I discovered? I made a screaming-dumb, bang your head against a chair mistake on the Bio post, and before I caught it and corrected–like two minutes–a dozen people had already looked at it. Whoa! It was a lulu, too. I got to be more careful. :-0

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