Yesterday’s Sorrow

In yesterday’s post I made a mournful error.  Mournful to me, hilarious to you.  Rather than hide it or pretend like it didn’t happen, I thought that I would man-up, as we say here in the States, and bring it to the forefront.  I used the word ‘nipple,’ instead of ‘nibble.’

Yeah, yeah.  Ha-ha.  Laugh it up.

I corrected the mistake quickly, but before I could do so, a dozen people had seen it.  Frankly, I’m not use to that kind of speedy attention, but I’m definitely NOT complaining.

The point is that you will make mistakes. (Some funnier than others.)  People will laugh at you.  Laugh at yourself.  Writing is a craft of one, and writing errors come in many flavors. I can think of no other endeavor where there is such a plethora of possibilities to embarrass your self, when the ultimate goal is to publish your creations.

In this dream, writing does take a buck-of-guts and persistence.

Know your weakness.  In backtracking my words, I discovered that I correctly spelled the word on the original paper copy, so the error occurred during transfer to typing.  This revelation did not surprise me. I guess, I’m going to have to get one of those index cards with the little window cut out, so I can look at one word at a time.  Sigh.

As is human nature, when I make a mistake, I cast about, looking for someone who has made an even bigger mistake.  (Isn’t it odd how we can see other people’s mistakes, but not our own?) I had to look no farther that the morning edition of the local news.  Ready?  Here goes it.


First line on a front page story:                                     Oh, yeah!


An 18-year old shot in the head at an apartment Tuesday night while a group drank and gambled has died.

Of course, our brains automatically translate this sentence into something logical, but taken literally one could interpret this sentence in multiple ways:

An 18 year old shot…. Gosh, that’s an old bullet!

…a group drank and gamble has died…. Who died?  The 18 year old ‘shot’ or the drunken gamblers?

…while a group drank and gambled… When you use the word ‘while,’ it literally means that things are happening simultaneously.  So this means that the ‘shot’ died or the ‘group’ died at the same time they were drinking and gambling.  Umph, maybe the liquor was poisoned.  Could have been moonshine with too much lead in it.  This is the Deep South.

P.S.  I do apology for the error, but I hope you, at least, got a giggle.


4 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Sorrow

  1. I did have a giggle, after you pointed out the mistake that I took for humor 🙂

    So, you use paper first? Wow! Delightful.

    I like that card with the hole in it idea…

    I think the shot was old, and the group died. The 18-year-old shot was on the floor in the bathroom {“head” is the word for toilet in the Navy}…

  2. I always like the misplaced modifier used by an English teacher friend when she said, “I tried a piece of the bread made by the Indians that Linda gave me.”

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