Weeds so Green

Why do the weeds sprout before anything else?  Is it a collective strategy of bothersome flora?  On the plus side, their premature and verdant display makes them easy targets for my spade.

Whenever I want my husband to vanish, I always begin by starting some yard work, and he will quickly skedaddle.  Ha-ha.

This morning he spied me prying up the first of many garden adversaries.

“Now I know that it’s really Spring,” he said.  “Time to go fishing.”

“Nay,” I said.  “The dogwoods have not yet bloomed.”

“But there is prep work to be done, licenses to be had, and supplies to buy, my dear.”

“Have a good time,” I say and wave goodbye.

Writing Tip for the day:  Marry someone who has a hobby!


6 thoughts on “Weeds so Green

    • Oh yes, that’s a good idea. Someone who works long hours and has a hobby. Or if that fails, another writer. Once I had a chance to marry a English professor. I might’a messed up there. But, ole stupid me, I had to have adventures.

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