Pause Button

Well, I woke up this morning with a yea-long list of things to do, but I turned on MSNBC and there I sat on the edge of the couch, watching images of Japan, people dodging bricks and a tsunami sweeping away the structures of man.

I called my son in Hawaii, but he doesn’t answer.  I’m not the kind to worry needlessly; he’s probably on alert.

At 3:00 p.m., I said, “Well, I guess I could fix some lunch.”

Some events astound me so much that I fall into freeze-frame, yet the world does not freeze with me.  People go about their business, and I wonder: Is there anything that could make them pause and consider?

And then the President is talking about the disaster, the Middle East and the economy.

It seems to me the whole world needs a Pause Button.  And somewhere in there—as always—there’s a story forming in my head.  And it suddenly occurs to me that I, too, am going about my business?


11 thoughts on “Pause Button

  1. I agree, and that idea makes me yearn for the beautiful world that doesn’t exist anymore–the world that went about its business before we had mass communication, before I wouldn’t know for weeks, what went on this morning in Goa, before we couldn’t travel at supersonic speeds to another part of the world, before television, back before telephones and there was only communication by CW transmission in Morse code, before the Pony Express, i.e. the “good ol’ days.”

    • When I was a child, my family held pow-wows. Stories were told, problems were discussed, decisions were made, rehashed and updated. Nothing happened quickly or without due consideration. When my grandfather spoke, his sons listened.

      When I was a child, people sat on the porch after supper and watched their children. They knew them.

      When I was a child, there were sidewalks and impromptu neighborhood meets. Discussions were measured in hours, not in minutes or a quick lunch.

      When and why did all that end?

  2. How true. It seems that nothing fazes mankind anymore. If it doesn’t affects us personally we just continue on our merry way. Unfortunately, I too am stricken with this affliction.

    • Then, I suppose, you and I will spend another day waiting to hear about the endangered Nuclear Power Plant in Japan, although I hear that it will probably be just a poisonous fizzle rather than a spectacular explosion. Ah, but what is a little more radiation circling the globe? :{

      P.S. It is probably some ignorance on my part, Luis, but I am still unable to track back to your blog. Usually I can just click on someone’s name to go back to them, but your name is not underlined like the others. But I am always happy to hear from you.

  3. This is my first visit to you (a return visit for your great comment on Skydiaries)…and wow! what a find! Thank you for the visit that let me discover you! I’ll be back for more, for sure!
    -Cheers, Lynn

    • I got to tell you, that stuff in Japan is driving me crazy. My nails are worn to a frazzle. Where do you go, when you live on an island? Have you heard about the 60 waves in California? Tell me that ain’t connected.

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