Self Promotion, Part 5

  1. Business cards with the url for your blog(s) that you can whip out and drop in the gosh-darn-it, strangest places.
  2. Emails – every email you send should have a link back to your blog.
  3. Magazine – chatting on line outside of your email, have a quick macro back to your blog.

4.  Racking up your hits or VIEWS.                             

Here’s a problem that’s been plaguing me for a while, and I think my big brain is beginning to get a glimmer of a solution:

As you know, unless you rate your blog as MATURE on WP, your posts will show up on the tag surfer board, which means that people could read your entire story without ever clicking on your blog.  Which means in reality, that you have no idea how many people read your story—ten people, a hundred, a thousand.


Not that I mind how many people read it, but I do want an accurate number.  It’s important to know what’s working and what isn’t working.  So here’s my idea:


Take Blog A, which we will call ‘Talking to Other Writers.’  Take Blog B, which we will call ‘Stories Only.’

Blog A is rated GP.

Blog B is rated MATURE—(so that it won’t show up on the Tag Surfer.)

On Blog A post the first two or three paragraphs of a story, then add a LINK (READ MORE) at the bottom of these paragraphs, which redirects the reader/viewer to Blog B.

Of course, the viewer will have to click an accept Mature Content button, before they can look at Blog B.

What do you think?  Does anybody know if there is an easier way??????


9 thoughts on “Self Promotion, Part 5

  1. I wondered about the mature and GP settings – some blogs seem to use these but I’ve never found a place on the profile or dashboard that navigates anywhere where that gives these options. What’s the secret?

  2. Most of your dilemma sounds like a WordPress only dilemma, and since at the last minute I switched gears from WP to a different platform (Blogger), I’m not sure what to say about that. Seems reasonable, though just having a “MATURE” warning could chase away a few of your readers. And if you don’t actually write M stuff, then that would be narrowing your audience to a selection you don’t even want. Thoughts to ponder. If you write Mature stuff, then I would think it would work fine probably.

    I like your list at the beginning… simple things, but good to remember. I once had an acting agent character in a television special I wrote/directed/produced/acted for who had one square of toilet paper as his business card that he just passed around, because it was the only one he had. Can’t help but wonder if I should try that… if I’m lying I’m dying:

    • Yes, you’re right. I am pondering all these things and the repercussions. Ah, life would be bliss if I only had to write.

      —a square of toilet paper???? New or Used. eek. Two-ply — plush or quilted??? 😦 I hope he at least went for the good stuff.

  3. You could use the “More” tag to split your posts so readers have to click on the post to read it, then you know what gets read.

    You question about Mature Content is interesting to me as I raised the issue a while ago too, in the WP forums. I do not what my whole blog marked as Mature Content, as it certainly isn’t, but I am posting some fiction at the moment that I consider borderline – I would like to be able to mark individual posts as Mature Content. I really think that is something WP could/should look at.

    • Excellent advice!!! Thank you very much. Whew, that sure makes things easier. I would have never thought to look under Splitting Content.

      I don’t really want to mark my whole blog as mature, either. I don’t turn away from mature content, but I don’t use what they call gratitous language or sex just for the sake of it.

      Thanks again.

      • Glad to have helped! It isn’t the language for me – and the other isn’t gratuitous – just not necessarily suitable for children in my own view.

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