Small Stuff

A recent visit from a troubled friend, who began laughing over my odd assortment of paperweights, got me to thinking. She said, and I quote: That’s so you!

Do objects that we keep around us reveal our personalities, and should I be weaving these small details into my stories? (Like Nero Wolfe and his orchids.  And what did these delicate flowers say about the character without any other descriptives? )

Here’s an inventory of my paperweights:

2 – railroad spikes (painted black)
1 – heavy rasp  (antique, belonged to grandfather)
1 – tiny cast iron skillet
1 – giant nail
1 – deep sea sinker

Yes, I do have a lot of piles, and, no, I did not buy any of these objects. I found them and recycled them, with the exception of the rasp.

Do these things, or the manner in which they were acquired, reveal my personality? Do they hint at my attitude toward functionality over aesthetics????

What kind of paperweights do you have???? Are there other objects around you that reveal something about the person to an outsider without any words being spoken????


5 thoughts on “Small Stuff

  1. Sure, C. M., those objects help a person get a feel for part of your nature.

    What I want to see are the hangings on your wall (or, lack of them?) or the dishes in your cabinet (are there doors on your cabinets?), or, especially, the books on your shelves (or, are they stacked in piles…?).

    • Really? Okay. I abhor useless things, so I don’t have too many decorative objects. I’m a thrower-awayer, rather than a pack-rat. I’d call my house…country style with big, heavy pieces of furniture–the real deal, no press wood in sight. Bookcases are everywhere, even my bed has a bookcase headboard, and I made them–custom fit.

      It might surprise you to know that most of the books that I keep are non-fiction: true crime, survival stories, theological, medical and technical. I usually buy fiction at the used bookstores and rotate them, unless they are ULTRA good or feature some aspect of useful facts.

      I collect odd objects that I find when I go for walks. Why? Don’t know, but these things stay outside. I like space. Only my writing nook defies my efforts to organize.

      • Oh, yeah, my house is dark, very dark. Almost cave like. Most people dislike that aspect, but I care not what they think. Never did care about the ‘popular and unspoken’ rules of decorum.

  2. Heavy metal objects? Pointed, potentially dangerous. Guess that indicates something. If they are put into a story, you could carry them around in the glove compartment in case you need them.

    If you have piles, I would seek medical attention

    • Whahah! Well, a paperweight has to be heavy, right? And, no, they’re not real sharp, but I suppose with sufficent force they could kill. Plus, I have enough medical training to know where to strike.

      However, I am well prepared incase of an emergency, including a zombie attack. That includes a pantry. I could go, maybe, a month without starving.

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