Plug for Me

Oh my gosh, I just self-published a short story on  If the link below doesn’t work, look under Sci-fi and FREE.  I wanted to see if I could manage the techno stuff.  The story is published but still pending review, so maybe this is a premature annoucement.  If I get a lot of hits, I’ll do a collection.  (Dreaming now, heh?)

I have spotted two typos.  (Don’t know why I can’t see them, until after I hit the Publish Button. It’s the little stuff that gets me.)  I’ll wait to fix them, after I see if the formatting is correct, which is my main concern right now.  HTML looks good.  The style guide was a bit of a booger.

Story title: ‘Let Me Read Your Mind’ by  ME.


16 thoughts on “Plug for Me

  1. Congrats 🙂

    You’re braver than me. I used FastPencil for my book because they do all that ebook formatting stuff. I did download an .epub file from them, though, so I can use the Calibre software to change it into other file formats 🙂

    • Yes, I’m getting to be quite the geek. Alas, way of the future. My membership in smashwords was sparked by my sudden and unexpected love with my new Kindle, which was jumpstarted by a post on Writing Cycle–something about short story writers making a tidy sum. I never thought anything would replace a book.

      Everybody should get the free one, ’cause I’m going to charge a whole dollar for the next one–99 cents.

  2. I read the whole thing. Although I’m not a big fan of short stories, I was highly entertained. Only found one typo, and one POV issue that I talked myself out of. I’d never have known it was self-published. Well done! Good luck with it!

    • Thanks bunches. I’ll fix the errors later. Like I said, I’m bitting my nails over the format acceptance thing right now. Don’t want to go in there updating and updating. I’d like to hold it down to one update.So far: HTML and MOBI is good.

  3. Woooo! Congratulations! I’ll go put the kettle on then and have a read through! A couple of my friends have published books on Smashwords also, it seems pretty cool from what I’ve seen of it. I keep meaning to set some time aside and have a proper nosey through. Have you put any of your other stories/work on there? I’ve not even thought about publishing yet – eeek.

  4. That’s so brave! I hope you have been getting plenty of hits. And you’ve inspired me to try the same thing… it never honestly occurred to me to try publishing short stories on somewhere like Smashwords (duh). Having said that, I’ve only ever written two short stories in my life ;o) …but every house starts with one brick so maybe I should get going!

    Looking forward to hearing how you get on with Smashwords, and I’ll definitely swing by and read your story.

    • Brave? I guess so, but it was more of a dry run to learn ‘how to’ and to see what happens. Spent more time on the cover than I did the story. I thought it wise to say up-front that it was a short story, since smashwords keeps saying BOOK.

      Stats: I’ve got 38 hits, 3 downloads to library, and one – 4 star review, although I’m scratching my head over that one. Now sure why the reviewer gave me 4 stars when he then went on to list some complaints. Well, what the hey. Sugar and vinegar.

      Corrections are in the works. It takes a long time to go through the mangler. And I still don’t know if I’ll pass all the format conversions–that’s the big do over there.

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