Two of my favorite bloggers, Alexander and Catana, have been talking about crap lately.

Well, it’s not anything new, but let me get my shovel and join in on the fun.

First, let’s dissect the crap:  (Dissect crap!  Whahaha!  I immediately get an image of a guy in a lap coat dividing up shit.)

1. Crappy Writing.

2. Crappy Stories.

Crappy Writing:  I think, I’m a little more lenient than my counterparts. I can overlook a few fumbles with diction, syntax, sentence structure, typos, etc.  I can overlook them if the story transports me.  For instance, I can and do follow several struggling writers who possess some natural talents.

When I call bad writing crap, I’m usually talking about the foundation of the story: poor MRU development, flat characters and a sense of contrived hooey.


Crappy Stories:  I’m completely unforgiving here. I don’t care if an English professor wrote it. I don’t care if the writer sold a million copies. I don’t care if the words sing with alliteration. I don’t care if it practically drips with character. I hate crappy, boring, pretentious, pointless stories. Worst of all is a story with an inconceivable or inconclusive ending.  You know the kind, the ones that make you say, “That’s it?”


So, there’s crap and then there’s crap-a-de-crap with an education.


5 thoughts on “Crap

  1. Crap with an education is called literary fiction. I grew up on the classics, but when I go back to some of it now and then, a fair percentage turns out to be crap. I guess you get more discriminating as you get older. These days, I read mostly genre fiction. Maybe the crap level is higher, but when I find something good, it’s usually more fun than equally good litfic would be.

  2. Fun–I love that you said that. Yes, I too have found that most of the books, movies, and old boyfriends that I knew long ago are best left to memory.

  3. Like that old bit on SNL–anything that’s not Scottish is crap! And what about that wonderful scene in “Cold Mountain” when Reverend Veasey (Philip Seymour Hoffman) talks about his lack of bowel movements. Or was it “vowel movements”?

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