100 Degrees

I know everyone’s heard about the record breaking heat wave in the South.  Think of me when you hear these reports.  I’m melting.

To the southeast, thin streaks of lightening and deep rumbles make a feeble promise, but the clouds do not back this up.  To my left sits a beading water glass with no ice left in the container.  I sit very still.  It’s the safest thing to do.  Perhaps, now you understand why southerners talk slow and walk even slower.  I can feel my higher brain functions sizzling.

As promised all the heavy yard work has long since been done and now I can walk on crispy grass, which, thankfully doesn’t grow.  I do keep the flowerpots, berry bushes and tomato plants juiced.

There is a breeze–which is better than no breeze–but its dragon breath.  The clouds have dispersed in minutes, fried by Sol.  The sky is blue-white.  And the drought continues.

I knew it was going to be this way:  a cold Spring equals a hot Summer, as the old folks say.

I do most of my composing outside, but I think I’ll take the rest of the day off.  I…can’t…write…another….word.

Just Sharing….cm


8 thoughts on “100 Degrees

    • Viet Nam–just the name alone brings up a whole different era, mood, images. I always look at pictures of Nam and I think it’s beautiful. Why does man have to ruin it.

      I don’t think the government will every trick our generation again, but… there’s always the next generation–I was very young, but I do remember. I went to a few sit-ins, but I never said anything ugly to a soldier.

    • Okay, we’re getting politically incorrect on both blogs. I am anyway. I do try to keep the real me hidden away, so I better shutta-up. Signing off, chuckles. 🙂

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