Wrapping up lose ends

After reviewing ‘Are we Programmed to Fail,’ and listening to your words, I must conclude that the process of critiquing remains another example of the old cliché:  Two’s company, three’s a crowd.

On the issue of ‘100 Degrees’ and not being able to write at length, I’ve decided to settle for one glorious and purr-fect page per day.  Hell, I’ll inch down the road if necessary.

Next post up:  I think it’s time for some humor.  Let you know when I think of something funny.

On the side note to my pals:  I’m building up my reading material for vacation time.  Let me know if you have anything that I can download to my Kindle.  Love my Kindle so much that I don’t think I’ll ever go back to books, unless there’s an EMP bomb.    😦  Also I’m less critical when I don’t have to clean up, cook, mow or do the laundry, so it’s a great time to catch me when I’m in a carefree mood.  whahah

Please leave a link in the comments below.  (This is for friends only.)  If I don’t know you, I won’t approve the comment–sorry, a space issue, you know.  Also, I’m posting this under the PLUG category, so think of it as an invitation to advertise.  Besides, it’d be very cool to have all my friends stuff in one spot for reference.


3 thoughts on “Wrapping up lose ends

  1. Reading material….I’ve always found any of James Patterson’s books an easy read. I don’t have to do much thinking when I read them.

    • I heard a rumor. Don’t know if it’s true, so don’t quote me: JP doesn’t write his books. He plots them, an intern writes them and then he edits them. True or not true. Shrug. But I always wondered how he could turn out 9 books a year–nobody’s is that fast. :[

  2. Uh-oh, I guess I have no friends, or I have no friends with downloadable books, expect for that one email that I got.

    Oh, I know what happen… I was talking about the value of a real critique in one blog and then asked for books in the next. Bad timing. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t have said anything, not in public anyway. Gave all that up years ago, which was kind of the point.

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