Love my Kindle


Just discovered!  (Okay, I’m a little slow.  I’ve had my Kindle for months and I’ve just learned a new trick.)

Kindle allows bookmarks, highlights and notes.  At first I found this mildly interesting, but since these ‘Clippings’–as they called them–are stored in chronological order, I said, ‘So what?  Who cares when I stored it?  That’s fairly useless from a reference standpoint.’

But now, I’ve discovered that I can download My Clippings via a USB port to a text program, edit and sort.


Now, when I come across a quote, a word–used in a sentence–or a fact that I want to remember, I can manipulate it on my own computer without having to retype anything.  Internal dictionary provided.

Groovy!  I’m mad with power.


There are some detractors.  I let my hubby borrow my Kindle to see if he liked it.  After only one night, he turned his nose up by saying that it was too heavy.  Wimp!  I mean, it’s got a custom cover and everything.  (The cover gives it more of a book-like feeling.  Extra cost $30 – $40 clams.)

It should be noted that he’s a very persnickety man:  won’t eat my witch’s brew (leftovers), everything has to be cooked the way his moma cooked it and with all the sides that she cooked it with, can’t stomach a peanut butter sandwich if we’re out of jelly, hates new ideas, moving furniture is a Capital Offense, house paint should only come in white or beige and firmly believes that an automobile is a good investment.

Fortunately, I’m a woman who does my own thing.  “Sorry, dear.  Did you say something?”