Story Arc


Something unusual happens:  Cinderella wants to go to the palace ball, where Prince Charming will choose a wife.  (Pretty good opportunity for a scrub girl.)


Several obstacles are put in Cinderella’s way.  She battles to overcome these evils:  mean stepmom, ugly sisters, 12:00 curfew, and forgetting to give Prince Charming her cell phone number.  (Win some, lose some.)  Just when all seems lost and hopeless, our heroine overcomes the last and grand obstacle–shoe shopping.  One final and all important lesson–a moral–is attached to the end of the story:  Always remain a sweetheart, no matter what injustices you suffer, and you will be granted everlasting love–or, at least, exactly what you deserve for being a dope.



Cinderella comes out the other side of the ARC a big winner, having defeated all evil.  Because she was good in the first place, only her financial situation is changed.  Most character evolve after experiencing the ARC.