Writing & Weather

Well, I’m down to formatting for my next upload to Smashwords and seriously thinking about artwork for the cover.  Dusty work there.  Not much to get excited about.  My upload will be a 5 story release for an affordable 99 cents.

I’m having trouble with the title.  Every time I conjure a good one and do an internet search some #@&* dweeb has already taken it.   Last title I had, some cupcake company was using it.  Can you believe that?  (FiveBites.com.) Lesson One: Get your title locked down before artwork. (Duh-huh)  Gads, I’m going to have to get really creative.  What a burden.  Now, I’m thinking about… oh, no, better not say.  Someone might steal it to sell rubber gaskets or something.

Titles have never been my thing, yet I realize how important they are.  It’s the first wink to the book lover.

There are other troubles too.  It rained last night.  I mean, really rained.  The ground is moist, the skies are cloudy and the temp is cool.  That doesn’t happen often inAlabama, believe me.  Spring and Fall are very short periods in this land of red clay and pine trees.  One can’t let this opportunity slip away.  Perfect day to walk-off some blubber, treat the dogs or just do some gardening.  May chance do all three.

A writing friend once asked me if the weather affects my creativity.  My first reaction was no, but since then I’ve done a 180.  The weather always dominates our psyche.  I suppose, the opposite is true in England.  A dry, clear summer day probably throws them off the tracks of duty.  (During my first year in Germany, I asked someone when summer arrived, and they said:  Oh, that was last week.  Did you miss it?  And somewhere someone is praying for snow, although that really stretches my imagination. )

Anyhow, in honor of this temperate day, I suppose my fame and fortune can wait another day.  WHAHAH!  Let’s be practical, okay?  No, on second thought let’s not.  Let’s dream.

I’ve never been able to turn my writing into a JOB.  That’d be like meeting the love of your life and putting him to work scrubbing the floor.  I don’t think so!


10 thoughts on “Writing & Weather

  1. Oh, but if writing did become a job, it would be like meeting the love of your life who happens to be a shirtless Sam Worthington armed with a scrub brush and pail ready to scrub the floors clean so he could lie you on that floor and…

    If my writing became a job, anyway. Yours might differ slightly.

  2. I don’t think there is any question that weather can affect your creativity. It certainly can affect your mood which in turn affects where your writing is headed that day, if anywhere. Good luck with that whole fame and fortune thing… and yes, dreaming is good too!

  3. Titles are difficult. Hope you can come up with a good one, and that it goes with the artwork. 🙂

    Taking advantage of a rainy day in my part of the world means staying inside with a cup of tea. And oh – snow! I’m definitely looking forward to it, but not quite praying for it (yet)!

    • I love rain. For me titles are hard because I want them to represent. I just hate those books with provocative covers and nowhere inside the book is any writing the explains the art. Bit of cheating there, I think.

  4. It may be that the hardest part of getting book out there is finding a good title. Titles aren’t copyrighted, so unless you’re competing with the cupcake company, you can use that name. I check titles on Amazon. You’d be amazed how many books have exactly the same title. I found out, too late, that Crossing Boundaries is in competition with at least a half dozen books with the same title. I probably wouldn’t have changed it anyway, because it was the sequel to Hidden Boundaries. Maybe I could have found a good synonym for ‘crossing’, but I didn’t think of it at the time. Thank goodness, The Warden’s only competition is a single book written over 100 years ago.

    I finally had to give up the browser I’ve been using for the last couple of years. It’s been getting increasingly out of date since the developer abandoned it, and now I find it was the reason I couldn’t comment on your blog. Only WP blog where that’s been a problem.

  5. Thanks for the info. I once had a story titled ‘Slave Bay,’ and someone told me that was the name of online SM site. Gadzuk, I said, where have you been surfing to know that?

  6. I’d be pretty sure too that they can let you use any title you want whether or not someone else used it first… Sometimes a particular title is the only possible thing you can call that piece, and trying to rename it would be like trying to rename your 10-year-old child.

    Anyway, I can report from England that summer occurred for about a week last April, then we got winter back for five months and now it is summer again (not autumn) although they say it will snow by the end of the week. We’re all used to it, although sunny days can be quite distracting as you don’t know whether there’ll be another any time soon (probability is not) and it might be your one and only chance to wear your new sundress before you have to pack it away for next year. But English weather and seasons are quite convenient for writers, in that you can introduce almost any type of weather into any scene set at any time of year and it will sound plausible.

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