Creepy 13

             Creepy 13

A book by C.M. Marcum on Smashwords

Almost Halloween!  Thirteen short stories to get you in the mood.  Each one is easily consumable for a lunchtime read.  Most of these stories are lightly sautéed in science fiction.  Some are salted with dark humor.  All of them are boiled over a creepy flame.  Goosebumps high, blood splatter minimum.   

Trashy Ways  An old man and his mute wife find a dead girl at the city dump, but they’re in for a big surprise when the body turns out to be not so dead and not so girly.

“Galaxy Real Estate”  Two hungry aliens travel across the universe in a rented spaceship to make a deal for Earth.  One is a carnivore; the other is a vegetarian, but who will win possession of the planet?

“Life”   A poor farmer desperately wants to cheat death, but can anyone really cheat death?  The future is not exactly what he expects when he ends up in a government funded cryonics study?

“Deleting Divorce”   The proverbial happy bachelor just wants to make it to the next paycheck, but his controlling and lovesick computer has other ideas.

“The Sybil Gale”   An elderly sailor wants to dock his ship at the nearest space station, but he must choose between the past and the future, and that’s only after he wakes up to find a dead crew, plague and an alien infestation.

Last Historical Footnote”  Uh-oh, the world ends again.

“He Said, She Says”  Two sides of the same story.  One from the victim, and the other from the victim.  Yes, I said victim on both.

“ Worshiping Lilith”  What would happen if only the men turned into Zombies?

“The Grid of Life”  What will the gods do when mankind is gone?

“Not in My House”  OMG, talk about extreme body modification.  What will Dad say?

“Tomorrow Does Not Exist”  Meet a super freak with a paintbrush.

“Remembering Henry”  Alzheimer scares me, does it scare you?

“Flying Potion”  Someone is looking for some very specific ingredients, and they don’t care how they get them.


5 thoughts on “Creepy 13

  1. Well, I hit the Publish Button. You know that feeling. What is it–fear, excitement, relief, accelerated pulse, maybe a slight temp. Everything went so fast that I’m in a state of shock. It took about 20 minutes to go through the meatgrinder.

    October 13 was my self-imposed deadline. October 13 – Creepy 13. If you buy it, I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to give me your opinion. But whatever you say, I’m not going to go back and edit.

    Only 99 cents.

    • Sorry, dude. That’s the lowest price they had besides free. Time to test the rocket ship, you know. All theory and no practice.

      But now… onward and upward.

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