I’ve  just been diagnosed with Post Publishing Malaise (PPM.)  Watch out for this prose killer.

Signs & Symptoms:   Inertia of pen, general lethargy, sudden urges for physical activity, stiff fingers when held over a keyboard, constricted pupils when editing is mentioned, extreme thirst for alcohol, unhappiness verging on psychosis, fear of failure occurs within minutes of publishing, mild paranoia on receiving emails, panic attacks and hysteria when bystanders ask this question:  What’s next?  In extreme cases, patients may exhibit a catatonic-like state when a laptop in placed in their hands.

Also Known in Layman’s Terms As:  writer’s vacation, extended hiatus, R&R, having-a-sit-down, idleness, out to pasture, recuperation, heal time, taking the cure, laziness, and out-to-lunch.

Cures:   A new plot, inspiration or a bolt of lightening.  Doses may vary from patient to patient.

Pharmacy:   Patents held by cryptic spirits from the Planet of Muse and sometimes right around the corner for free if just the right character shows up.

Costs:  Prohibitive for hungry writers.

Author’s Note:  On the plus side, I have cleaned up my computers and data sticks.  Egad, I had a lot of copies of everything.  After I eliminated all duplicates, everything published, or posted on this blog, I still have a lot of stories.  But…I want to work on something brand new!  No more looking back.    I think I’m ready to do something with a little more weight to it.  I’m not saying Novel, but who knows.

Also, I’m finally organizing all those cheat sheets.  I wanted to post them, but I don’t think that I can.  See, I’ve pinched them from this place and that place–over a long period of time–and I don’t remember where I got all of them or who I lifted them off.  So, it would be like plagiarism if I blogged them and didn’t give credit.  Of course, I have melted them down to bite-size pieces.  But it still wouldn’t seem right.  Besides, all that stuff would be too basic for you guys.



3 thoughts on “PPM Dx

    • Yah, I could start off by saying, ‘I’ve pinched so many How To’s that I don’t remember Who From’s. Then the judge says, ‘But we do know the what the word pinched means.”

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