What is Better?

The world may never see what grows in my garden.  But I thank God for the wind, the rain, the sun and the seeds within my hand.   There is nothing that pleases me more.  No place, I’d rather.   No other remedy, I would drink.

When the seasons turn, I may offer a taste to the world.  Whether they eat or decline makes no difference.  I am steward of the garden, called to task, by some internal spirit, to work in a place of dreams.

Each year the flowers grow more vivid, the fruit drips sweeter, the plants inch taller, the roots dig deeper.  All around me the desert creeps closer, but here, in my garden, there is mist and rainbows and the scent of a strange perfume that I cherish.

Is this Heaven?


Author’s Note:  Inspired by Sky Diaries, ‘Conscious Joy.’


10 thoughts on “What is Better?

    • the hawth-metaphor-o-thorn!

      In point of fact (hum, what does that phrase really mean, besides gobble-goop?) I am on the verge of starting another blog called (maybe) Me Lil Garden. This blog will mostly be for recording successes and failures, as I stumble through trial and error digging in the dirt. I’m also thinking of having a second page with survival notes. Woman doth not live by prose alone.

      However, I am worried that this new project will detract from this blog; I lean toward OCD when I start a new project, but I always come back to writing.

  1. This is a side of you that I love seeing! There’s a gentleness about it that becomes you. I wish my love for the stewardship of the garden were like yours–I love the idea more than the execution; the looking more than the labor. Thank you for sharing this, though.
    And thank you for the mention, here…I’m very excited that you did that…and I can’t wait to see the repost on Alexander’s site…especially since today marks the 500th post on Skydiaries!!!
    xo Lynn

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