Moods and other Strange Things

Wait! I want'a check my Blog one more time.

At the beginning of last week or maybe even before that, a strange shadow crossed over my psyche.  Call it Blogging Malaise.  I had a couple of posts started but said, ‘Oh, never mind, I’ll just read.’

Many people try to analyze their moods, but I just ride them out.  I mean, ha-hum, I am an artist and woman, so who wants to wade into that quagmire???  Everything passes eventually.

But then I noticed that my friends were not blogging very much either, except for the ones that had sworn themselves to some kind of schedule.  Even the professional blogs seem to be dishing out yesterday’s hash.  Have I been touched by some collective unconscious???  Do moods circle the planet???  Has anyone else felt this?  Or do I have my toes on the edge of the diving board again???  You can tell me if I’m crazy.

It’s funny sometimes.  One day I’ll be so eager to express myself that I can hardly wait for a decent edit.  Other days, the idea of moving a document from one computer to another seems like a loathsome chore.


11 thoughts on “Moods and other Strange Things

    • oh, yea. We will recover. I actually have another project going right now. Namely research on another interest of mine, but the pots are burning on the stove. 🙂 Do you think I use too many analogies? Whahaha! No, really. Sometimes I think one has to gather, rather than produce.

  1. I’ve noticed some of my usually very active subscriptions are not very active recently. Sometimes I like that because then I don’t feel as much pressure to be writing and posting myself. Perhaps there is some strange dynamic circling the globe?!?!?!?

  2. I am always compelled to create, and I have been this way throughout my life. Film is the way I forget about creating. However, even when I am watching one, I may be taking notes. Once in awhile, I will watch something mindless on TV, like “Family Guy” or “American Dad” or “Futurama” which are some of the most clever animated series I have seen, Most people I know have fallen mysteriously silent. Who knows why? I think that they are bored with life. For years I have had way too many ideas to inspire me, and I hope I never run out and become bored like 90% of the people I know. Is anyone listening? Right now? I have no mood…just me…

    • …most people I know have fallen mysteriously silent… that’s so true, and the ones that are talking aren’t saying much. I’m sure it’s temporary glitch…still it’s weird… I suppose everything peaks and dips. You just don’t think it’ll happen to everyone at the same time.

      Usually when I’m not blogging, it means that I’m writing but not this time. I’m sure when my other project is finished, I’ll snap back. Research is so hard. You never find everything in one place. It’s like following a trail of bread crumbs.

  3. Hmmm…

    I’m still doing my five posts a week and my numbers are actually up a bit………

    But, in Second Life, on Book Island, our event attendance has been a bit depressed for the last week…

    I think it’s folks being dragged into the materialistic maw of Christmas………

  4. Yes. I’ve noticed this because it’s affected me, but I was blaming it on other things (like my need to convert my WIP from present to past tense which is THE MOST TIME CONSUMING THING IN THE WORLD). I just thought I was busy, so I wasn’t posting, wasn’t reading other blogs, wasn’t commenting or getting comments.

    I’m not sure if it’s a collective mind or a cause and effect. We affect one another more than we know.

    • Whoooie, spooky. Would this make a good science fiction story? The Internet goes silent? The last artist flips ’round the bend? The omega free-thinker becomes dull? The flame of language dwindles, as if the world holds it’s breath for some shattering moment? What would it be like if all the yapping stopped? Would listening begin?

      Don’t answer that. I’ve thought of these kind of stories before. Biggest problem: How to write an action piece when the theme is no action or suspension of action… Haven’t figured that out yet.

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