Every Writer’s Nightmare

“Better Him Than Me”

Want to read about every writer’s worse nightmare?  Check-out the reviews on Huff Post for The Worst Book Ever.  Self-published, of course.  This guy must be hiding under his bed, changing his name and closing all his accounts by now.   In a way, I feel sorry for him.  In a way, I don’t.   BTW:  Haven’t I seen his name on Smashwords?

P.S.  On my side of the road, I finally figured out how to surf WP again without making any wrinkles on my face.  Happy days are hear again!  It’s all a matter of getting into the zen of the moment.  Check out this blog:  Why Self-Publishing Gets A Bad Name.

4 thoughts on “Every Writer’s Nightmare

    • Alas, he went on to write a second book, no better than the first. I haven’t read either. What I want to know is who would pay $15 for a pig in a poke. The only way you can write a review on Amazon is after you buy.

      Obviously, the guy did not seek out any help; a 6th grader could have done better. (Well, a sixth-grader from my generation, anyway.)

      I’m wondering how many people DON’T realize that publishing is the last step. How many of them are treating the publishing sites like a critique group? Like–oh, let’s just skip all that boring grammar and get on with making the money.

      I opine, he’s one of those guys that gets all offended if you make even the slightest suggestions. hate those types 😦

    • I guess you don’t read too much self-published. I’ve seen worse. But you’re right, it is hard to believe. I do not think that any of these self-publishing sites will last much longer; the slush will eventually clog the drain.

      Just like all those writing sites with a bazillion stories and no comments, eventually even the writers/posters wander away out of boredom. IMHO. Most of the administrators at those sites keep themselves busy by breaking up fights. They don’t realize that it’s the comments and the ‘learning experience’ that keep the readers and writers coming back. Controversy sells. I’ve even staged a pretend online ‘fight’ with a friend, just to see if it would draw more HITS, and it did.

      BRAKE. That got longer than I meant for it too. Anyway, both things need fixing, but damned if I know how. 🙂

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