ePublishing Ponzi

Say What?

Occasionally, I come across an article that I don’t want to believe.  As I read, I’m resistant to the ideas proposed, until I come across a certain section that is undeniably true.

Lately, I’ve been offering links to other sites.  I know you might click away to read them and forget about me, as you get caught up in the article, but I’m really, really interested in what you think about this one.  Here’s a short clip of the article:

… Blogs now give advice to start-up writers, telling them to give their work away for free to gain audience share and get reviews, and only then attempt to raise their prices. The zooming prices here refers to the zooming down of prices. For example self-epublishers are now giving books away for free – see the Kindle Top 100 Free books. Furthermore, in this ecstatic push to self-epublish, there are hundreds of thousands of new ebooks for which there are almost no readers at all because they have zero visibility… 

To read the entire article click this link:  E-reads by Richard Curtis


Author’s Note:  If what this article says is true, then it seems to me that maybe the best plan for the dedicated writer is to wait until all the amateurs in self-publishing get to the point of chucking all their dreams of fame and fortune.  What do you think?  Is it possible that a lot of the competition will disappear in the future?  Is it possible that a lot of the slush will disappear with it?  After all, how many people can live off a zero income?

I don’t think that readers will ever fall out of favor with their e-readers.  But there is a ‘boom’ of writers giving away stuff.   You know that’s true.  All you have to do is publish something, and within hours your work is completely buried under by other books.

If it’s a Ponzi scheme, then who’s making the dough?

10 thoughts on “ePublishing Ponzi

  1. Just skimming over the article, I don’t see that much of what he’s saying has any relevance to self-publishing. Certainly, there will always be plenty of suckers (ignorant) who’ll pay someone to do it for them and get shafted in the process. But that’s a separate issue. Nothing to do with competition. It doesn’t matter whether you pay to get your book out there, give it away, or price it in the .99 basement. All but a tiny percentage will fade away. Maybe as the air of disappointment spreads, there will be fewer wanna-be writers throwing their books at the wall and hoping they’ll stick. Maybe the sheer novelty of the thing will fade and the wanna-bes will hop on the next bandwagon. But I doubt that competition, as such, will decrease at all. Suppose all the wanna-bes just disappear, and all we’re left with is serious writers turning out readable books. How would your books stack up then?

    Serious writers keep writing.

    • Can anyone be a judge of their own work? Maybe some know that they slopped it out and it’s bad, but it’s the readers that decide if it’s good. Still there is the that little thingy about ‘zero visibility in a booming market.’

  2. I hate to admit this, but this is probably the reason why I’ll never self-publish. The company is just too bad. You’d think that to be an advantage, that if you’ve worked hard to make you novel really good, you’ll stand out among the muck, but I don’t think that’s the case at all. You’ll be buried under it.

    And call me a pessimistic, but I doubt the wannabes will ever quit. Now, instead of just filling the slush pile, they’ll be crowding the self-publishing world. Is it possible they might give up querying agents and traditional publishers? This new outlet to self-publish might offer them exactly what they want, and if they stop contributing to the slush pile at the literary agency, maybe our queries will have a better chance of being seen.

  3. It has been awhile. Spring Fever bit me hard this year. I had the need to do physical things if you know what I mean. All winter I studied gardening and other survival skills. Right now I’m trying to get my solar panels to heat water beyond 150 degrees. All those excuses sound a little lame, even to me. What can I tell you: I have OCD with projects……But I will never give up writing, and I do still read the blogs that I sub to.

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