A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing

A new voice–well, new to me–on ePublishing.  A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing

I’m just beginning to scan this guy’s stuff, and I’m already impressed with his blog.  Of particular note is the way he has his sidebar set up.  Obviously, this self-published writer is serious, and he’s done a lot of work toward paving internet paths back to his books.

Just thought I’d share.


4 thoughts on “A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing

  1. Hello CM. I didn’t know how else to get in touch with you, so I hope you pardon this intrusion. Way back a few years, Liquid Imagination published your story “Stink”. We are now creating an anthology of the best of LI Issues 1-6 and are interested in including your story. With your appreciated contribution, all proceeds from the sale of the anthology will go to support Silver Pen. You’ve already completed the biggest task of writing your tour de force. The next step only asks that you would consider donating your story for inclusion in the anthology to keep the artistic spirit of Silver Pen alive.

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