More than a diary and less than a conversation

IncognitoWhen I began writing this blog I really did not understand what blogging was all about.  I don’t know exactly what I was thinking at the time, but whatever that was, it did not meet with the social graces of net communication.

Well, okay.  Even dumb people catch-on sooner or later.

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Moods and other Strange Things

Wait! I want'a check my Blog one more time.

At the beginning of last week or maybe even before that, a strange shadow crossed over my psyche.  Call it Blogging Malaise.  I had a couple of posts started but said, ‘Oh, never mind, I’ll just read.’

Many people try to analyze their moods, but I just ride them out.  I mean, ha-hum, I am an artist and woman, so who wants to wade into that quagmire???  Everything passes eventually.

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Break that stuff up for me

Do you tag surf?  Yeah, me too.  It can be fun.  It can be dangerous too, bumping into crazies.  One lady got all upset with me the other day because I said:  Since I do not own any goats or cows, I want to get rid of most of the grass in my yard.

I’m an unrepentant Grass Killer, apparently.  Gasp!   Kook-a-roo naturalist.  It’s a good thing I didn’t tell her that I kill fire ants too.

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