Spring Fever

I’ve been idle on my blog and here are my excuses:

1.  I’m  investigating smashwords.com, and to that end, I’ve purchased a Kindle  ebook.  Both have manuals to  read.  The ebook has taken me by  surprise; I love it—digging that increased font size and not missing those distracting graphics.

2.  I’m  currently editing, amending, hell, re-writing some old stories for my smashwords début.  As my grandfather  use to say: It’s easier to build a new house than to remodel and old one.

3.  My  husband is on vacation, and he’s driving me insane.

4.  I have  Spring Fever.

Post Note on Used Bookstore

During my interview with the used bookstore owner, we also discussed ebooks.  He thinks that ebooks are going to put him out of business or turn his inventory into genuine antiques.

‘Ah, the unshakable faith in a static future is all about us.  I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I’m certain that things will change.  They always do.’

My opinion:  Ebooks still have to be charged.  Granted it’s a small amount of electricity, but I think even small amounts of power will become a BIG issue in the future, so don’t throw away your paperbacks just yet. Perhaps it shall come to pass that my friendly supplier of used reading could find himself sitting on a gold mine.

Do you think the day will come when we’d rather have a hard-copy over a digital doodad, a bicycle over a car, and a hand cranked radio over a big screen TV?

BTW: Check out Jon Vagg’s blog on how to make some homegrown Electricity.