A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing

A new voice–well, new to me–on ePublishing.  A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing

I’m just beginning to scan this guy’s stuff, and I’m already impressed with his blog.  Of particular note is the way he has his sidebar set up.  Obviously, this self-published writer is serious, and he’s done a lot of work toward paving internet paths back to his books.

Just thought I’d share.


ePublishing Ponzi

Say What?

Occasionally, I come across an article that I don’t want to believe.  As I read, I’m resistant to the ideas proposed, until I come across a certain section that is undeniably true.

Lately, I’ve been offering links to other sites.  I know you might click away to read them and forget about me, as you get caught up in the article, but I’m really, really interested in what you think about this one.  Here’s a short clip of the article:

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Plug for Me

Oh my gosh, I just self-published a short story on Smashwords.com.  If the link below doesn’t work, look under Sci-fi and FREE.  I wanted to see if I could manage the techno stuff.  The story is published but still pending review, so maybe this is a premature annoucement.  If I get a lot of hits, I’ll do a collection.  (Dreaming now, heh?)

I have spotted two typos.  (Don’t know why I can’t see them, until after I hit the Publish Button. It’s the little stuff that gets me.)  I’ll wait to fix them, after I see if the formatting is correct, which is my main concern right now.  HTML looks good.  The style guide was a bit of a booger.

Story title: ‘Let Me Read Your Mind’ by  ME.