So, Wikipedia is down for the day.  That’s kind of scary, isn’t it?  Even if it is only for 24 hours.

Makes me want to run down to the store and buy a set of encyclopedias.  Of course, encyclopedias are like automobiles.  As soon as you cross over the curb, they’re not worth as much as you paid for them.

It also makes me  think about government control.  For all the officials bemoaning of short funds and national debt, there seems to be no shortage or end-in-sight to the government’s ability to set-up new agencies and lockdowns on information.  (You don’t think they can monitor these new rules without spending a zillion dollars, do you?)

Are we approaching a time when what we KNOW is only what ‘they’ want us to KNOW???  Is the Internet the last vestige of secret knowledge for those who can ferret it out?   Are they putting a public relations spin on what they’re doing?  Is a copyright more important that 4th Amendment?

The government has its nose in too many things.  Don’t you agree?  Instead of the government stepping on us, we should be stepping on them.  Of course, this is the historical path of all governments.  Eliminating more and more freedoms, until the whole system is torn down.

Am I making too much out of a little thing???  Maybe.  But it looks like a bad omen to me.  And what’s up with the lack of coverage on the news?  It almost like the word has gone out:  Don’t mention it and maybe no one will notice.  Excuse me, but in my world, Wikipedia is more important than O.J.

Writing often calls for research.  All you writers out there should be paying attention.